Ban Palantir employees from participating in the project

Palantir has a long history of sketchy practices, but more importantly, it was recently reported that their technology is being directly used by ICE in the US to target immigrants during their raids.

I find it unconscionable for tech folks to be building the technological foundations for this deeply unethical and immoral (and fascist) practice, and I would like it if we, in our limited power as a community to actually affect the situation, officially banned any Palantir employees from participating in or receiving any sort of direct support from the Entropic community.

I propose, more concretely, that any Palantir employees that become known to us be explicitly banned from the Discourse, the Discord, as well as the GitHub organization and any other forums we might end up using for coordinating the project. I further propose we make a statement of doing so, in hopes that others decide to follow suit.

I hope y’all will find this to be something you’re willing to support. I think we can argue ad nauseam about “where to draw the line”, but this is one line, and I am personally willing to draw it without discussing any other lines we might draw until we get there. I hope you will be willing to join me in this.


Agreed. Additionally, if an intent of this is to lay groundwork for other projects, I think giving citations of why we are willing to draw this line would be a helpful piece of contextual information.

One thing I would like to ask: if a policy like this is implemented, it could hopefully be done outside of the license. I’m sure many contributors are well aware, but modifying the license to exclude certain companies rather than using a standardized license makes adoption much harder if not impossible for companies of any size greater than a handful of employees. As someone who would like to see Entropic grow to be truly breathtaking, I know modifying a license to address this will create incredibly challenging additional barriers for the project.

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There is no intention to encode this in the license. But when federation starts happening, I can imagine a conversation where we discuss blocking Palantir’s instance, if they have one


Really glad to hear this. And yeah, I can imagine those discussions happening. It does raise a somewhat similar question of how would blocking occur which could be worrisome for larger ecosystem users looking to invest, but I think that’s a bridge that would likely be crossed when we come to it.

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@bnb given the federated nature of entropic, I imagine banning would be at the discretion of each registry’s owner - similar to how mastodon instances are able to ban/block other mastodon instances. Nothing prevents someone from starting up their own - others have the power to decide whether or not to communicate with it however.


Very true. I wasn’t necessarily referring to how banning consumption of modules would work, but rather how banning from participation within the project. would work :blush:

I just discovered this project and saw this thread. If it’s helpful, some of the new ethical licenses are quite exciting, such as the Hippocratic License and the CAL human rights focused IP license are two examples.

Hi, @ethan-colab! Turns out we’re having that conversation right now over at https://github.com/entropic-dev/ds/issues/18